Investing in gold and diamond is one of the most popular investments available. Typically when investing in gold and diamond you are buying gold, diamont mining stocks in a mining company. Investors are typically investing in gold and diamond as a hedge or harbour against economic, political or social uncertainties.
If you are considering investing in gold and diamond or are looking for a mining company to buy gold mining stocks in. With its proven and experienced management team, geological expertise, local knowledge and integration, in the resource rich Democratic Republic of Congo and African countries.
We represent a unique early stage opportunity for    qualified investors.
Allows the investor to participate in multiple gold and Diamond exploration projects that each has the potential to become an economic and commercially feasible gold and diamond resource in the world. 

Market Demand - Gold holds a significant role as a reserve asset as it is a highly liquid commodity with extensive appeal and functionality. The future outlook for gold forecasts an increase in demand that exceeds the amount of available supply.

Market Demand - Copper Rapid urbanization of countries including China and India has increased their reliance on the supply of copper for building infrastructure to support their growing populations.  With China overtaking Japan as the world’s second largest economy, projections of demand for metals, particularly copper, continue to rise.

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